Prince died earlier this year, and his iconic song ‘1999’ comes into my head at the drop of a hat

My near-teen has her birthday this week, and judging from the items lying around the kitchen, party planning is in full swing. The soft drinks and chips and pops will go down well, I’m sure. Anyway, I asked daughter this morning how the event was shaping up and when it would be. I’ve not got my invitation, yet, so was looking to avoid clashes, as I’ve one activity scheduled on the day of her birth. Saturday! 6pm. Calendared! That’s a word never used before and never to be used again, in public 🙄

What sort of part would it be? I asked. “A regular party…” was her reply.

Like the PNP Conferences, with vuvuzelas? I asked. No!

Piñatas? Hmm. 🙄

I pointed out that she and her friends like to just hang and watch movies and listen to music and dip in the pool and eat pizza and Snap chat and run all over the house.🏃🏾💃🏾🏃🏾💃🏾🍕🍧🍟📱 Was the party going to be like that? “Pretty much…”

I also pointed out that ‘regular’ adult parties didn’t have such activities; they usually had lots of talking and eating fancy food. “Well, adults are lame! Well, most of them” She realized that my eyebrows were twitching. 😏

Prince’s song came into my head.

I haven’t heard, but the word ‘sleepover’ was hiding there? We’ll see. Anyway, the excitement will build.

Her school has a new rule against flouring people on their birthdays. Not sure how I feel about that: it’s a well-worn Jamaican birthday tradition. It’s meant to be a surprise and well-intended. At least, our ways don’t include other cake ingredients like eggs. 😳We’ll let Barcelona’s Dani Alves tell us about that.