You’re supposed to come back from training courses with fresh, new ideas that you can’t wait to put into action. Well, I went to University of Technology, Kingston, last week for a two-day workshop on Multimedia Journalism, taught by Prof. of Newspaper and Online Journalism, Seth Gitner of the Newhouse School, Syracuse University, and co-hosted by UTech and the US Embassy in Kingston. The idea of doing some visual and audio commentary had been swirling around my head for a while. But, the course seemed to be the trigger I needed. I missed day two because of a snafu with my expected ride, so spent the morning at home learning about Facebook Live chats. It wasn’t difficult and I figured out enough to launch my first chat that same Friday afternoon. I did a second chat, yesterday.

In front of the camera

You can find them on a separate Facebook page I’ve created.

So, now I’m going to tweak things. One media savvy friend says I need a catchier title for the page, like ‘Dennis Talks’ (like TED Talks?) Any suggestions will be gratefully considered: crowd-sourcing works. 

I said yesterday that I don’t want to talk only about developments in Jamaica, but also about things that my wide experience suggests cross many places. That said, a Jamaican friend living abroad, who missed the first chats, was quick to look forward to views on things in Jamaica. 😊

So, I’m going to take feedback and roll with it. 

Look out for invitations to like the page. Don’t treat them like junk mail!