I suspect that most Jamaicans know this term more for its being the title of a current affairs show that famously or infamously found itself in legal hot water during the Spring over claims concerning the finances of the current PM. But, Zahra Burton can have a few more hours in bed, because I’m not that interested in her.ūüėä The courts removed the injunction on the broadcast, so glimpse it if you missed it.¬†

Jamaica’s geographical location is approximately 18 degrees north.

As you travel around the world, these locators start to take on significance. It was a boyhood thrill to live in London and understand that Greenwich was the point of the meridian, separating east and west hemispheres. Standing on it and splitting your location in two. Likewise, the first time I had to travel south of the Equator. Did water really go down the drain in the other direction? It depends. But, I had to try to find out myself.

Not everyone understands these positional distinctions and know that we’re a tropical country but not that we’re located by the Tropic of Cancer, and what that means for the location of the sun.

Having travelled a lot, I’m a bit more familiar with this stuff, in the same way that I’m not too confused by time differences or different currencies.