September–let’s remember: 14 carat diamonds and having things good for you

My soon-to-be teenager opens my eyes and ears to many new songs, mostly by listening to local station Fyah 105. I really like Good for you, by Selena Gomez

, a love song about how ‘she’s a very valuable diamond’. Listen to the video.

Selena used be in The Wizard of Waverly Place, which my daughter loved to watch. As we joked about that show, my easily-distracted-in-the morning child went to check if the show was on Netflix. She found instead The Carebears, and off went my 12 year-old to watch the ‘3 and up’ show. 😂 Next thing I heard was “Yeah, man!” I could hear the theme song for High Five. Breakfast was taking on a new tempo. 

Recently, a group met to discuss aspects of sustaining a balanced life; it was mainly focusing on ways of living more healthily. But, balance can be found in many ways. For instance, I have a strong interest in not creating stress in my child’s day before she goes to school, believing that she will be better geared to learn if she’s not dragging around a bag of drama. That doesn’t mean that mornings are just happy-go-lucky. I try to get her to prepare her school things the night before, but not with much success. She knows that I wont go running to school if she’s forgotten something; prices have to be paid. So, she normally has her act together, and with her after-school sports getting back in gear, she also needs to ensure she has the gear and accessories for that. No swim suit? Go naked! 🙂 So, I’m happy for her to organize her morning to stay in a happy frame of mind. She knows the timing to get out in the mornings, and is usually on point.

She ran to get dressed, so that she could catch the rest of the episode before heading to school. TV is not usually part of the morning routine in our house, but today it was the oil that kept the engine rolling.

Author: Dennis G Jones (aka 'The Grasshopper')

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