Our youngest will reach this milestone this month. Yeah!

I asked her what it means to her: happiness; more responsibilities…she can get into PG13 movies 🙄, but will have to pay more…😂

Right now, she and her mother are making plans for her party. I’m not of the right grade to help there. 😩

I asked if she was having a clown, or face-painting, or a magician. She rolled her eyes.

They’ll probably sit to watch Netflix and eat pizza while singing one of the current hit songs. Like Panda.  She’ll spend the afternoon explaining to her mother who is Desiigner😂

The world turns.

We joked over breakfast about aliens invading Earth the night before her 21st birthday, eight years from now: “Excuse me! This is NOT. A. GOOD. TIME!” 😩📡🚀👽

I hope she stays with that bright outlook that makes her special. Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 6.57.16 AM.png