First memories are often sweet. September is a special month for me; many significant, or first-time, life events happened in that month.

  • I went to England, on the 21st/22nd, via Gander in Newfoundland, for refueling. Never left Jamaica before and I get a baptism of Canadian autumn. Brrr! Life forever changed.
  • My parents were married; I really enjoyed their wedding on the 22nd.
  • My youngest daughter was born, on the 21st, during Hurricane Isabel. Why that’s not her name escapes me, now. On September 19, 2003, President George W. Bush declared the entire state of Maryland as a disaster area, and my wife went into labour on the 20th. Washington DC was in a state of emergency, and we were due to get to GW University Hospital. Ice-covered roads, flooded streets, howling winds, no power at home, after the birth, we had to stay in the hospital extra night.

    Flooded Georgetown, Washington DC, during Hurricane Isabel, September 2003

    Auspicious start, dear child.

  • School years always began in September. University years began in September.

    University College London: serene and cerebral

  • My favourite group is Earth, Wind and Fire, and their song ‘September’  Their concerts were always incredible, including the use of magic. Maurice White, their founder, died earlier this year: full respect.