So, while I was in Miami, and well placed to stock up on items much-needed at home, West Indian cricketers were swinging bats and flinging balls against India, just up the road. So, when I heard that bad light stopped play, I assumed the pending storms and heavy rain had taken another victim. But, no. Lights were out all over my homeland. From about 6pm, the whole island was struck by darkness.

Now, cynics among you will say “We’ve been dark a long time!” But, I say ‘Be nice!’

One of the great features of social media is its speed, and sharing critical information fast is essential. However, applications like Twitter are not universally used, and if you don’t follow someone, then you will miss their broadcasts. Unfortunately, utility companies cannot compel us to follow them and so be always in their loop. I readily share so that my contacts know what I know. But, word to the wise: follow the utilities and the police and the Office of Disaster Management, at least.

JPS are often under fire for the cost of their service, and Jamaicans have been spoiled in recent years, after many experiences with power outages, planned and unplanned. We are not ready for ‘all-island power outages’, less so, when we hear that it may be due to a procedural error. We await know who pulled what, when. Monday will shed light on all.

Of course, JPS were overjoyed to report that power was coming back slowly but comprehensively.Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 6.32.28 AM.png

Poor things, it would have been great to show a picture of the outage, and see the little dots of light where people had generators. I could have tried to buy a container-load in Florida.

So, let’s hope that the journey that began with flight delays does not proceed with any other minor inconvenience.

Sorry! Being without lights for a few hours is a MINOR inconvenience. Being without electricity all day, everyday, or frequently, is hardship and reality for many. Some people may be a little miffed still at the outages that did not happen a few weeks ago because of non-Storm Earl. But, look, didnt some of the preparations came in handy, last night? Perhaps, a few hoped for longer delays so that the tins of bully beef and the hand-operated can opener could get an outing. People are never happy.

While, unlike the English, we have few lace curtains to twitch, but we look peeping into other people’s affairs (literally). But, what can you do when they don’t have lights. I think we should all write in protest to the Minister of Energy, Dr. Andrew Wheatley and JPS’s CEO, Kelly Tomblin, to insist that everyone be supplied with a mini storm light for their bedroom, so that next time there’s an outage, people can carry on with the important business of prying into other people’s activities. Before, anyone lashes me. The Commissioner of Police has demanded that we do it, so there!

They say Karma is a b****, and who told us to get all high and mighty in Rio and waltz off with the people’s prizes? You forget your place? Get back in that line marked ‘Under development’.

Mi gaan!