First World problems and other worldly things

My wife decided that she wanted to spend her birthday weekend ‘a farrin’, which for a lady who spends many hours in airports and on planes may seem odd. But, dutifully, husbands say “Yes, dear!” So, bound for early morning flight we were. 

Now, we really don’t like Miami that much but it’s a convenient spot and can offer a few advantages. One of these is not having to connect to go anywhere else. 

Our flying day had a mixed start as our plane was suffering an oil leak from the engine, which delayed our departure a good 90 minutes. At least, getting in later didn’t spoil our non-plans. Friends we bumped into at the airport were not due to reach their destination till near midnight, instead of early afternoon. Argh!

Anyway, we were brighter and had a great time checking in for our rental car with an equally zany Cuban lady, who tolerated my faux-Spanglish. We got a nice upgrade, though. Which proves my point about giving people a chance to do you a good deed, by treating them nicely. Road wi seh!

‘Shirley’, as I dubbed the ‘lady’ on Googlemaps, was all excited and got us out of the airport in a flash. Then, she had a sulk. Silence! Ok, so I missed the first exit ramp. But, I found my way back to it. Maybe, that was the trouble: she’d gone for a quick change ‘rerouting’ and thought I’d wait. My bad!

So, she uttered nary a word till I was back on I-95. Childish! 

We found our hotel, and our slightly later arrival meant our room was ready. Yeah! A quick fresh and off we went for lunch.Traveller girls wanted pizza. No argument. We parked and got our college credits figuring out how to pay at the meter machine. Cool! No need to display a ticket as the licence plate was programmed in. (At some stage, we’ll get an app to show the journies a car makes?)

How green is my alley?
Only Rip van Winkle wouldn’t know that the Jamaican dollar is worth very few US cents–actually less that one cent😩🇯🇲. But, being in the US means leaving the cash-cart behind and using a slim billfold. No awkward bulges! That aside, don’t get fooled into thinking the US is cheap. Look, a single scoop of Devon House ice cream costs easily under US$3. Imagine my shock at paying US$6 for a measly gelato. 

That grin was the relief of finding an AC spots in the humid 90+ day. That’s the price of comfort, my boy.

It was the first of a few shocks. 

We’ve been having water issues in my neighbourhood, but the water flows, and I never have any concerns about drinking it, certainly if it’s boiled. But, kuyah! Uncle Sammy tells me that whatever fluoride may be in Florida water, it shouldn’t pass my lips.

This isn’t West Africa!
Well, we had no kettle and long gone are the days when I travelled with an heating element. 
Back to the future?

We’ve also had our growing concerns with mosquitos and diseases they carry. But, do we always have bug spray ready at restaurants? Maybe, we do. 

But, I was still stunned by the speed with which the waiter produced it. Bugger me! He’s quick! I suspect that US liability laws could be in play and lawyers in Florida ready and waiting.

Zika has caused much more concerns in Florida and we Jamaicans ought to have a travel advisory, like our Bahamian fellows. 

What awaits today? 

We were hit by a heavy thunderstorm while dining and the weather system building is headed this way. ‘Two disturbances in the central and eastern Atlantic Ocean, Invest 99-L and Invest 90-L’ I read on 

Probably, good that we’re only here the weekend and the safety of Jamaica is close at hand 🇯🇲👍🏾🙄