August 19 was the day, but the people at are keeping submissions open till August 25. I have been a little distracted by goings on down south. Sports absorb me fully and I absorb them equally, more so when friends and neighbours and compatriots are in the mix. So, I was pleased that some could open their eyes and minds to an on-the-day celebration. I’m a bit late: *shoot* me! My eyes couldn’t *focus* on things not-*Olympus*-related.

I’ve been taking photos for decades. At secondary school, a friend and I read books on the topic and spent time walking in London, taking candid shots with a small Leika. Sort of Bond-like with stealth. We took a lot of pictures of feet and legs as we walked with the cameras held in our dangling arms, to seem natural. I still take many shots of feet: they rarely pose and often show a mood clearly.

We learned how to develop film and spent time between learning that and playing guitar.

As I went on to earn a living, I bought newer cameras, not expensive, but better. Everything is relative. My joy was a bulky Soviet Zenit camera, that saw much of Europe with me. But, in typical Soviet fashion it had little quirks, like a closing latch that tended to get caught on a carrying strap that would flip open the camera and…expose the film. Argh! Weeks of holiday pictures gone!

Technology gave us smaller and faster cameras and then no need for film, as digital images became possible.

Then cameras tended to be unnecessary as other devices could take pictures. The mobile phone is now the camera of choice for many. No need to search for and carry anything else. With reversible lenses, they gave the photographer what he or she often lacked–the chance to be in pictures. Hello, selfies! We’re in the moment. We are the moment. Gone are the days of ‘Where were you in the picture?’

I have many preferred subjects, but spontaneous works well, whether with natural things or created things. Food is very photogenic.

Home-made paella

You never know who may come into focus

So, for most, gone (if ever there) are days of f-stops, exposure meters, bulky flashes, interchangeable lenses, carrying bags, rolls of film. Holiday packing used to have to reckon with ‘Daddy’s camera stuff’. Now, it’s just ‘Where’s my phone?’

I need not fuss about taking pictures as others press away and share with me faster than we can say ‘Cheese!’.

Friends and family, near and far, can be in the mix. I don’t do Photoshopping but can understand its appeal. But, I enjoy simple juxtaposition.

Bolt and De Grasse acting like two little boys playing…in a semifinal

Do I miss boxes full of dusty albums and nights sitting through slides of ‘Our weekend in Skegness’? No!

Do I wish I had old photos of when I was much younger but cameras weren’t available? Oh, yes! I have barely a handful of pictures of my younger sporting days; my youngest has a museum-full gallery. Maybe, a time machine is coming soon😊

“Mr. Jones? *Snap* out of it! You’re talking in your sleep!”