What is wrong with Jamaican organizations and workers?  Come on down, NWC! 😏

It’s not as grave as the mess into which one employee put Lasco, but it’s bad in its own way.

Yesterday afternoon, I was heading out with my daughter for her sports coaching. I saw a National Water Commission (NWC) van loitering in front of the area adjacent to my home. I’d noticed the van earlier and wondered what was happening. Last week, our had no water for a day or so. No warning. No explanation. We figured out some solutions and then water came back. 

I stopped to ask one of the two people in the van what they were doing. I was also checking they were legit. I asked if they were going house to house. No. I asked about last week’s incident: “Maybe, there was a leak, somewhere.” A shrug of a reply.

This morning, I found a card stuck under a door to the fuse box (which someone must have thought was the front door 😂).

It showed that the water meter had been replaced yesterday.

Now what in the name of J**** is so hard about saying that was what was happening? After all, the occupants may want to be aware of such physical changes and moreso if they’ve had billing issues.

Is this disregard or a kind of contemptuous attitude that comes from having little real consideration for customers? I don’t know. What I know is that it takes little to give a piece of clear information. 

NWC and the breed of public organizations that seems stuck in some kind of prehistoric warp need to wake up to what their existence is really about.