When one considers politicians’ decisions that their ‘race is run’, no clear patterns emerge. Just last week, Britain held a referendum on its EU membership and the PM, who staunchly urged people to ‘remain’, quickly announced his resignation after the people voted to ‘leave’. His opposing leader also urged ‘remain’ and he is now under heavy pressure from members of his party to ‘leave’. The reasons surrounding each set of decisions seem clear.

In Jamaica, our last general election saw the then-governing party lose its sizeable Parliamentary majority and win one seat less than the then-opposition party. But, a majority of one seat is enough. Many think that defeat in the national polls means the head of the party should step down–especially when they’ve chosen to call the vote–not least because he/she was the standard bearer for the mandate and if ‘the buck stops here’, then at least the leader should offer to step down. So, it’s interesting to see that not happening, and every hint that the leaderene will remain.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 5.52.50 PM

Boadicea statue at Westminster Bridge, London, England–a leaderne personified–and a monument I loved seeing often during my school days in Westminster

The lady’s not for turning‘.

The party is not yet in uproar, but reports are of seismic rumblings. Now, context is all. The lady said she did not look like a loser, so why should she go? Election result? What does that matter? Oh, the bliss of being blithely ignorant.