#AToZChallengeJamaica: Q is for Queen

Emma avoids all questions of conflict by focusing on her Queen of England and our Queen of Jamaica; quite appropriate. Personally, I always like to hear the Queen give her Christmas Day message, at 3pm UK time, just as families are sitting down to their dinner.

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Queen Elizabeth II officially turned ninety years old on June 11 this year. She is the only person I know who has two birthdays. Her real one is April 21. Why? I hear it has something to do with June being a nicer month for celebrations, in terms of the weather. It might even be summer in England by then, with a bit of luck. As the Queen’s representative (and Head of State) in Jamaica, Governor General Sir Patrick Allen and his wife traveled to London to wish her a happy birthday. No, the Prime Minister is not our Head of State. We have a Queen of Jamaica.

In the Jamaican context the Queen is an obvious choice, besides the fact that there aren’t that many Q-words. She is an ever-present and at the same time ever-distant figure. She beams benevolently (one hopes) from afar on our island, once a…

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