#AtoZChallengeJamaica P is for Potpourri of Problems

Let me lay out some issues to consider.

Prisoners & payments: Vybz Karkel, musician–in Jamaican jail for murder. Buju Banton, musician–in US jail for drugs offence. Vybz is busy releasing new music, and ‘ruling dance hall’. (He’s following in the well-trodden path of the late Tupac Shakur.)

Buju just gained a master’s degree in music business management. Both are doing ‘positive’ things during their time in the pokey. Some people find that time in jail not breaking rocks and visibly suffering–to put it simply–is a travesty. Many Jamaicans disagree. Vybz and Buju are extremely popular: see how one media outlet ‘celebrated’ Vybz’s last birthday.

What do people really find objectionable, though? The crimes, or the fact that prison is seemingly not full-blown hardship? Do we really believe in rehabilitation in prison?

Popularism and propriety: Some of our politicians have recently found themselves not really knowing how to walk the line between these two peas in a pod. The Gleaner took the Attorney General to task for her wobbly stroll over the US Embassy flying a rainbow flag this week: ‘enticed [by] … the pull of populism…[and] the power of myriad social-media platforms’.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 7.05.24 PM
Expressing ‘personal’ views on social media doesn’t strike some as doublespeak?

During the election campaign, one MP played violence-inciting (Vybz Kartel) music at a rally.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 7.18.10 PM
Kisses for a ‘favoured’ son, who later had to apologise publicly for his poor judgement, but retained his seat.

Do they need real training before, during and after they get elected?