#AToZJamaicaChallenge: K is for Kingston

Our adopted Jamaican, Emma, writes about her longtime home city, Kingston, place of my birth and my early years; a city I also love, to its core 🙂 Enjoy the brief tour!

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It may be an obvious choice, but how could I not pay homage to the city of Kingston, Jamaica for my letter “K”? It has been my home city for many more years than anywhere else – including London, where I was born (yes, I’m basically an urban animal).

Strictly speaking, Kingston is what we call “downtown.” The rest is the parish of St. Andrew. But for residents, Kingston is uptown plus downtown. We often call the whole thing the “corporate area” governed by the Kingston & St. Andrew Corporation – population around 600,000 as of five years ago.

Midday in Liguanea. Midday in Liguanea.

My house sits firmly on the Liguanea Plain; the city is surrounded by the Blue Mountains, Red Hills, Stony Hill – and Long Mountain to the east, which is now somewhat developed. Kingston is becoming less green; townhouse developments are sprouting in every corner uptown. Parks are relatively…

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