Some fellow bloggers and I have taken a ‘blood oath’; well, we just agreed to collaborate in our writing, and be mutually supportive of each other’s efforts. Now, no two writers are the same, and as I discovered last year when doing an online writing course, with participants from several countries, we each see the same things with very different eyes. I was often stunned by what the critiques unearthed about the writers’ motives, directions, gaps, traits, etc.

At a fairly trivial level, we come to our blank workspaces from different angles. One of those lines of approach is when to write. I’m a morning person, and love to get my ideas out there early. I sometimes use an early morning walk to get the writing juices flowing. But, like breakfast, I like to get into it soon after I get up. I get up early, usually around dawn. However, one of my intrepid collaborators had wondered how I and our other co-conspirator got going so early, openly yawning to us about how she was just getting up at 10.30am, a few days ago. Then lo and behold, I noticed she was writing messages in the wee hours of the night, then again bright and early. She was clearly in a new zone. Then today, I say evidence that, for a few days at least, her clock was all over the place. Writing began for her about 5am, today. She blamed the other two of us! So, in her honour, I jotted this reply:

Where I do some of my best thinking 😊

Your Muse woke you, with the whiff of morning air/

To get your brain working and to write with great flair/

If your mind wasn’t ready, you’d still be asleep/

Which is why writers are happy that they are not like the other sheep.

We may never earn a penny for any of the words we write and share, but that may make the chore even sweeter–it must be love! 🙂