There’s no write time

Some fellow bloggers and I have taken a ‘blood oath’; well, we just agreed to collaborate in our writing, and be mutually supportive of each other’s efforts. Now, no two writers are the same, and as I discovered last year when doing an online writing course, with participants from several countries, we each see the same things with very different eyes. I was often stunned by what the critiques unearthed about the writers’ motives, directions, gaps, traits, etc.

At a fairly trivial level, we come to our blank workspaces from different angles. One of those lines of approach is when to write. I’m a morning person, and love to get my ideas out there early. I sometimes use an early morning walk to get the writing juices flowing. But, like breakfast, I like to get into it soon after I get up. I get up early, usually around dawn. However, one of my intrepid collaborators had wondered how I and our other co-conspirator got going so early, openly yawning to us about how she was just getting up at 10.30am, a few days ago. Then lo and behold, I noticed she was writing messages in the wee hours of the night, then again bright and early. She was clearly in a new zone. Then today, I say evidence that, for a few days at least, her clock was all over the place. Writing began for her about 5am, today. She blamed the other two of us! So, in her honour, I jotted this reply:

Where I do some of my best thinking 😊

Your Muse woke you, with the whiff of morning air/

To get your brain working and to write with great flair/

If your mind wasn’t ready, you’d still be asleep/

Which is why writers are happy that they are not like the other sheep.

We may never earn a penny for any of the words we write and share, but that may make the chore even sweeter–it must be love! 🙂

#AToZChallengeJamaica: C is for Catherine’s Peak

Right Steps & Poui Trees

In Jamaica today, when most people hear “Catherine’s Peak”, they probably think of the brand of bottled water by that name. That isn’t unexpected, but there are others – myself included – who think instead of the peak in the Blue Mountains…Catherine’s Peak itself!


Catherine’s Peak is located in the parish of St Andrew, and is about 4430 feet high. (1350 meters)

Catherine's Peak map 2

It is just above the Jamaica Defence Force Training Depot at Newcastle. A paved road has been cut up to Catherine’s Peak, but when I was a child and we used to spend time at Newcastle in the summers, there was no road, just a path. My brothers and cousins and I looked forward to our obligatory climb to the Peak. We were quite in awe of the fully equipped recruits who would run to the Peak and back as part of their training; they completed their run…

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