Getting good service is one of life’s constant problems. I’m always amazed that businesses carry on, with seeming success, yet their service is terrible–and sometimes that is a generous adjective. So, it’s a boost to the system when I encounter the opposite.

A friend was booked to fly from Montego Bay to the US earlier this week. As luck would have it, I was in that city the day he was due to set off, so I called him when I was driving by the airport just after noon to wish him a safe flight. He told me he was just checking in. Great. His flight was  due out about 4pm. At about 4:15, he called me. “Mr. Jones, I got some wrong information and miss the flight.” What? Apparently, he’d been told at check-in to go to the wrong gate, even though the correct gate was printed on his boarding pass. He asked if I could call JetBlue to explain what had happened. I explained that I’d have to do that later. But, I suggested, that, whatever happened, he should plan to go back to the airport in the morning and get the agent to correct the problem it seemed she’d created. 

I was due to pick my wife up from the airport later. So, while waiting for her, I decided to try to contact JetBlue. I found them on Twitter and sent a direct message. Within minutes, I’d got a reply and after clarifying that I was in Jamaica so couldn’t call so easily, we then had an exchange on Twitter over about half an hour, giving details of the original booking. They found the record and said they’d look into it.

Meanwhile, my wife sent a message that her flight from Kingston was delayed and I sat waiting for more news. Some greeters were also there. They told me her flight had landed and was on the runway! I called my wife; she was still in town. I suggested to the greeters that they recheck their tracker app. 😊

By the time my wife arrived, after 7:30, instead of 6, I’d been told by JetBlue that they’d get back to me. We went straight for dinner. During that time JetBlue confirmed a new booking booking for my friend for the next morning, just so. “Amazing!” I said.How often do you get nothing but resolution of a problem? No questions. No grief. No attitude. No charge.

I asked about who had helped me. The reply came that 25 people ran the social media platform, but ‘Julia’ had helped me. Thank you, Julia! Thank you, JetBlue!
Now, can we get local companies to turn things around with customer service?