img_0553-3The tyranny of daily writing obligations 😊 Fortunately, I’ve gone long stretches when I’ve blogged daily, but wholly on my own terms. Being locked into the schedule of the alphabet added a twist to the tourniquet.

Staying with a theme. My blog is supposed to focus on things Jamaican–though, I stray, occasionally. Managing to honour that focus is more difficult when trying to stay current and topical and alphabetically pure. But, plenty of scope existed during the challenge for creativity.

Sharing the burden. I asked a fellow blogger to contribute a post, which she did for the final entry, Z, on a topic she’s followed closely, concerns with Zika virus. She relished it! 😊👍🏾 I liked that I had most of the entry for the day already taken care of, but still added a segment on a different topic to complete the post. Her experience made her a little more likely to try a future challenge, having thought the latest one daunting. Bravo, outsourcing!

I did not read as many other challenge blog posts as I wanted to. I searched posts, at random, and found some interesting ones, but never one blogger that captivated me. Perhaps, the opposite was true as others found my posts. But, again, opening doorways to other writers was an added enrichment.

I enjoyed the blog chat about the challenge in the first week.

Would I do it again? Yes! In fact, some local bloggers and I are thinking of a challenge based around our submissions shared over a coming month. Look out!