#atozchallenge G whizzing around Jamaica


Gee! It’s been a good week for you.

Grudges->Fluffy…Curvy…Diva..Is it too late to say that you’re sorry? Magnum will make a magnificent gain, I suspect, though magnanimity may have to take a back seat :(.

Government..taking shape…more pieces of the puzzle come out of the box. Looks like gas tax revenue wont be available to pay for a tax giveaway. Will gullability be the undoing of the voters? Public Boards are named, and more political games can be played. ‘My people’ are in place and ‘your people’ can forget about it, for a while.

Governance…still a problem. The smell of impropriety can be high. Avoiding it is usually good. But…should a Minister tell an agency within his portfolio not to employ his son? If he has no part in the selection and if the processes are clear and followed correctly, is the choice any of his business? Sounds like tampering with civil rights?

Growth…not just work and jobs, but making and doing better things that people want. A man walks past me every morning on his way to work; his feet are always bare. He works outdoors, and in the Tropics, bare-footed ness is not a sign of poverty. He heads to his gully dons his goggles, and fires up his weed-whacker. The grass has grown high; his getting paid for ground maintenance and cutting it raises our national growth. Funny, that 🙂

Moments later, I walk past another man, going to his ‘work’, with a wooden pole in his hand. He stands under a mango tree. “Mango time!” I hail to him. “Not yet! Just one, one…” He is wearing shoes, but asks me if I have any spare sneakers. “What size?” I ask. “11,” he says. Having shoes does not mean you don’t want more. If I give him the gift of some spare shoes, growth has not increased. My generosity has no price that matters. Funny, that 🙂

Grief…A young schoolgirl dies after physical exercise, and alleged ‘punishment’ that might have involved her standing in the sun. Monstrous brutality, we think. The Ministry of Education says it will help with funeral expenses. It will also probe the incidents to see if ‘curricular activities’ were responsible. Let’s not rush to judgement, but they may need to do more than pay to bury the child. In a week when we have been discussing ways to #keepchildrensafe, we have to wonder about some of the shortcomings of many caregivers.