Carpentry skills on display: the new PM builds his Cabinet 

With all the hullabaloo about his house during the election campaign, from which we learned that Mr. Holness has carpentry skills, it’s fitting that one his major early tasks was to design and build a new Cabinet. The waiting during the weekend for the pegs to be hammered into holes was for some nail-biting. Imagine all the hammering out of details about portfolios and the reprofiling of ministries and functions. Some who expected to be in top drawer positions found they were shelved: the complicated balancing act of managing a wafer-thin Parliamentary majority begins😊 Who took much convincing that the nation would be better served by their not getting elevated from back bench to front? Who had to be made to understand that they would have to tack along focusing more on keeping constituents content that standing in the front window of policy making and presentation?

Members of the Andrew Holness Cabinet expected to be sworn in at King’s House today, as published today by the Jamaica Gleaner, is below:

1. Dr Christopher Tufton – Minister of Health
2. Robert Montague – Minister of National Security
3. Kamina Johnson Smith – Minister of Foreign Affairs
4. Daryl Vaz – Minister without portfolio with responsibility for Growth and Development
5. Edmund Bartlett – Minister of Tourism
6. Dr Andrew Wheatley – Minister of Energy, Science, and Technology
7. Marlene Malahoo Forte – Attorney General
8. J.C. Hutchinson – Minister of Agriculture
9. Mike Henry – Minister of Transport
10. Ruel Reid – Minister of Education and Information
11. Karl Samuda – Minister of Industry, Commerce and Fisheries
12. Olivia Grange – Minister of Gender Affairs and Sports
13. Audley Shaw – Minister of Finance and Planning
14. Delroy Chuck – Minister of Justice
15. Dr Horace Chang – Minister without portfolio with responsibility for Water based at the Office of the Prime Minister
16. Shahine Robinson – Minister of Labour and Social Security

The task of staying coordinated, informative, committed, open, convincing, relevant and frugal will not be easy. The opposite of all those challenges is much easier to come into play than we often want to admit. I wish the new government well and hope we all stand ready to make one nation better by being one people.

Author: Dennis G Jones (aka 'The Grasshopper')

Retired International Monetary Fund economist. My blog is for organizing my ideas and thoughts about a range of topics. I was born in Jamaica, but spent 30 years being educated, living, and working in the UK. I lived in the USA for two decades, and worked and travelled abroad, extensively, throughout my careers and for pleasure. My views have a wide international perspective. Father of 3 girls. Also, married to an economist. :)