A is Access, which should be free and easy for all voters (Electoral Commission fix it!)

B is Ballot

C is Campaign: it’s over and done. You’re at the voters’ marcy, now

D is Dogfight in many seats around the country

F is Finger, covered in purple ink (see I)

 G “Gweh!” The standard non-violent response to political opponents

H is Harassment, the claim that comes so fast you’d think it was a candidate’s name

I is Ink, purple is the colour of choice

J is Jobs (at the very least you get some work on Polling Day)

K is “Kick them out!” (pick your party)

L is Low Turnout, a constant for decades now. Will it change?

M is Marginal, many more seats are too close to call

N is Non-Functioning machines at some Polling Stations 😦

O is Opinion Polls, done and dusted, only votes matter now

P is Promises: Jamaica will be “Silicon Valley of the Caribbean” (JLP). “The basis is being laid for First-World education and training; First-World level of job creation, business start-ups, and wealth creation” (PNP)

Q is Queues, long and slow and Polling Stations

R is Results, too early to call

S is Seats, 63 in total, all up for grabs…and a mention for Social Media, which will be more important than ever

T is Television, in front of which many will be parked to follow analysis, interviews, early results

V is Votes. Duh!

W is “Where is my Polling Station?”

X is what you put by your party symbol

Y is Youth, who seem to be missed out in the true party appeal to voters

Z is for sleep, which will be put off till tomorrow 🙂