Election time

Pollsters guessing; voters stressing–Election time!

Hopefuls hoping; losers groping–Election time!

Make a promise, make a wish; put more curry on my dish–Election time!

Fear is rising early in the campaign, as two incidents involving gunfire at rallies claim the lives of people, and traumatize many who were excited, but not ready to be ignited–Election time.

Police opine that there is no political motive. But, why choose the venue of political assembly? Election time!

You can run, but you cannot hide. Who will vote? First time, last time, every time–Election time!

My vote counts until my candidate loses, then I’m left with the people who say that I do not count–Election time!

I want a job! I need a house! My child is sick! My parents are weak! Hold this promise, and rub it gently for a few days. I’ll be back to check on you, later. Election time!

Bus-loads chanting. Horns blasting. Big trucks rolling. Music blaring. Green and orange dancing and prancing and laughing and crying and drinking and eating. Exercising their political rites. Election time!

It’s the economy, stupid! I want stew peas, too. Election time!

What does it matter? Useless chatter! Election time!

Make your mind up! Can’t decide? Who’s on your side? Election time!

“Mummy, there’s a strange man at the door!” The woman draws the curtain and sees the brilliant teeth glinting behind the wide smile. She pulls the child closer to her. “That’s a politician, my dear. Stay away from the door. They’re dangerous!” They slink behind the blinds and don’t answer the knock at the door. The man mumbles, “These are certain voters?” Undecided, at best. Election time.

It’s all about colour. Who chose orange? Who chose green? What does it mean? Be careful what you choose to wear outside. Election time!

Red ink. Election time!

People think! Election time!

The Announcement was the beginning of Election Time.

Nomination Day is the middle of Election Time.

Voting Day will be the end of Election Time.

Who will be left standing of those who are standing, after election time?