Pardon me, again, for donning my economist cap, this time in connection with the swirl of bad publicity circling Chris Gayle. But, just a thought.

Whatever we in Jamaica may think about his behaviour, our view doesn’t rule the day.

One point worth considering is who would want to associate with Jamaicans and Jamaica? Someone posed the question the other day along the lines of ‘Why do we only seem to get shady investors?’ One answer to that is the simple truth that our economic, political and social environment only attracts certain sorts of people. For sure, some reputable investors will swallow their distaste for our ways and put their money here because we offer something unique or hard to get elsewhere. But, apart from that ‘special’ thing, what do we have to attract investors?

People will jump up and say “Our people! We are friendly and easy-going…” Maybe. Maybe not.

Investors with good reputations are not normally known to think hard about not putting money into bad places: it just makes bad financial sense.

So, if you know that a culture and society harbours a certain view that is not in line with yours, you look elsewhere. Enter Mr. Gayle, bat twirling, locks flowing, tongue wagging, and attitude out-front.

If he is meant to be what some proudly say ‘represents how we are’, would you want a workforce built on that? Or, would you want to bring in a workforce that will be subjected to that? Answer that, then step aside and move on to more pressing matters.

In a world where ‘social responsibility’ covers good deeds and good behaviour, especially in keeping the workplace as somewhere that is a ‘level playing field’, where do you think good money will tend to flow?