So much things to say, right now: A firestorm over the suggestion that we “move on”

I began the day wanting to write about UK PM David Cameron’s suggestion that Jamaicans, in particular, and Caribbean people, in general should “move on” from the legacy of slavery. It came over in our Parliament as at best an insensitive choice of words and at best a deeply offensive notion. I and many were quick to note that, not long ago, the same politician had urged Britons to “never forget” the Jewish Holocaust. There’s no attempt to out-horror the world, but on the scale of human suffering and injustices, these two instances of systematic and systemic demeaning abuse and torture of groups of humans are hard to beat.

My own anger is deep, but most of it and other sentiments are well reflected in an excellent blog post by a Jamaican blogger, ‘Jahmekyagal’, which I share here (“Move on?” Never Gonna Happen chap!).

Read and reflect on the post. You need not be a cynic to find the contradictions troublesome. You won’t solve them easily, so don’t fear if you’re confused for a long time. We have lots of thinking time because we should never forget either.