Many times a day I’m struck by a phenomenon that’s not unique but seems to have reached new heights in Jamaica–corporate branding. We’re all familiar with how professional sports have used athletes and their equipment as billboards. It’s a great form of advertising and in an age where visual cues are so important, it’s interesting that other countries don’t do what we do.

I was especially struck today by a picture of two top executives wearing business suits with the company logo embroidered on them–not just the snazzy polo shirts, or the neat cotton shirts with the brand on the pocket or lapel or collar.  

Branding haute couture with JPS top executives

Grace Kennedy and their top executive, Don Wehby, often hit the eye with their branded clothes.  

Grace Kennedy CEO, Don Wehby, in standard wear amongst orhers also branded

I gladly admit to knowing nothing about why this is so strong in Jamaica. It goes even to public service agencies, like government ministries. So, it’s deep in our economic culture.

I’m relying on some marketing friends in Jamaica to help me better understand this trend. Over to you!