It’s true: Britain is being overrun by foreigners. Everywhere you look, you see them. On every corner, on every street, outside every home. You can’t go around England and see the English in the same numbers that used to be; everyone is foreign. In my few days in Britain, I’ve not had the chance to go beyond England, but I’ve been through London, and today I went up north to Lancashire. What I saw in the capital was even worse there. I stood at the side of the road, waiting for a bus and a horde of them came past me. Not one stopped to be give me the time of day. I thought back to my boyhood days in London. What a shame!

BMW, Porsche, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes. Oh, there goes a Ford, and there goes a Vauxhall. Audi, Skoda, VW, Jeep. Oh, there’s a Range Rover. I think even the few that seem to be English are really foreign. Where is a Vauxhall made? Who owns the marque? Which country supplies those Fords? Truth is, volume car production is still going on in Britain, but most of it is foreign owned, and it’s a similar picture for commercial vehicles. This has been the story since the late 1980s.

If the cars were anything to go by, all was lost. No need to look at motorbikes, of which there are precious few, anyway. Whatever happened to BSA and Triumph? Oh, yeah, Yamaha put paid to them.

I looked for a truck. I used to see Bedford and now? Scandia. 

Compared to France, Germany, or Italy, British companies lost the race to maintain dominance, ceding to Japan, European makers, Americans, and Koreans. 

Oh, well, at least England owns and makes great chocolate. Er, um, well,…Don’t tell me! 😩