Greece’s recent elections and the change of government have thrown up something interesting. The new government has shunned current practice, by having its politicians wear nothing more formal than a jacket and trousers (some wear jeans), but without tie, and with open-neck shirt, and sometimes with jeans instead of trousers.IMG_0891 Of course, it makes the new team look like a bunch of hipsters compared to the usual stuffed shirts that grace the corridors of power in almost every country.

That goes too for Jamaica (and other Caribbean or tropical countries). Why on Earth do our officials sport these upper- and middle-class dress styles? To make the other side feel good?

We went against that grain at the time of Michael Manley, when the shirtjack was in vogue. IMG_0893 Back then, people like Peter Philips were very comfortable in Dashikis. But look at him now, If he could, he would be headed off to a fitting each few months at Saville Row. No, Peter! You must start to look at how young Jamaicans dress and go there with them.IMG_0892