Stick it to ’em: A brief look at what some deem appropriate punishment for misbehaviour

People have many ways of dealing with behaviour of others, which they dislike. Yesterday’s news had a few examples.

Boy (5) billed for failing to attend birthday party.  I can sense the infuriated response of the parents who see the gap in the event they planned, like the hosts with the empty seats at a dinner table after someone accepted and confirmed. I witnessed it just a few days ago at an event arranged for parents, who were called on the day to confirm, yet nearly half didn’t show up. The extra food and drink weren’t needed. That’s a waste of money. Is billing people the way to go? I can see the logic. Will it work or teach people a hood lesson? Maybe. Will people remain friends or be happy to see each other? The BBC analysis of the legal legs of the invoice and advice on party etiquette are worth reading and using as the basis for a laugh.

Iran bans newspaper for reporting George Clooney’s support of Charlie Hebdo

Clooney can be seen wearing a 'Je suis Charlie' pin
Clooney can be seen wearing a ‘Je suis Charlie’ pin

Diplomatic grand gesture, it seems. As reported, ‘While the newspaper did not express support for Charlie Hebdo or the star’s sentiments, judges branded the headline “obscene”.’ That’s how one country deals with ‘obscenity’. You can see, if you peer, that Clooney wore a pin supporting the ‘Je sues Charlie’ stance. It could have been edited out of the picture. Not doing it was an act of defiance by the paper? They didn’t see the need? They didn’t care? They didn’t have the software? I don’t know or understand, but it’s their country.

Coronation Street drops actress after claims she lied about her ageKatie Redford claimed she was 19, while playing the role of a 14 year-old, Betthany Platt, but was allegedly 25 when she auditioned for the role.

25, 19, 14? Sounds like an American football play
25, 19, 14? Sounds like an American football play

I’m struggling to get the reasoning here, but it may be to do with the notion that much older people can’t play the part of much younger people.

Author: Dennis G Jones (aka 'The Grasshopper')

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