Jamaica never ceases to find ways to redefine silliness. We are graced with the privilege of hosting a major regional football tournament. We wanted it and got it. So, we’re not like Equitorial Guinea becoming unexpected host of the African Nations Cup because Ebola fears caused Morocco to decline the job.

So you think we’d have all laid our ready for the competition. It seems that fields, hotels and catering were all set ready. What about our team? What? The coach said at the outset they were not ready. He’s repeated just after the team were dumped out bottom of their group that time was against them. What kind of utter foolishness are we peddling?

Read the words of assistant coach, Hyde. Why weren’t they ready? Why were the best players not in the squad? Why are we acting as if there was no plan? Maybe…there…was…none.
I watched one match, versus the US. I saw indiscipline and disorder all through the yellow and black. Basic errors and bad decision making. The team conceded two penalties that were sloppy and could have resulted in ejection but got that later, ending with 10 men and a fracas.

Foreign coaches and scouts agree that we were not up to snuff. Who will we blame?

Chikungunya can get a pass. The drought? The effect of earthquake devastation? A tsunami?

Shouldn’t we have booked some divine intervention?

I’m going to speculate and see who’s head gets lopped off. I suspect no one’s. Cue the music and let’s have another spin on the carousel.