One of the infuriating things about Jamaica is the number of things that are seemingly simple to fix that aren’t fixed. One of these is the lack of toad signs. It’s quaint to have people give directions based on landmarks like a tamarind tree, the church on the hill, or ‘Miss Mattie’s shop’. But, I be really happy to have that and see a street name and sign.

Admittedly, Barbados is much smaller than Jamaica but everywhere you go you see road signs. It’s taken to the extent that little lanes are called gaps and have a sign. Imagine anywhere in Jamaica being so lucky.


Road (and other) signs on a light pole in Barbados

Bajans keep it simple, by tacking wooden road signs on light poles rather than having a need for any special post.

Things go too far, sometimes as anyone wanting to give directions has their sign on the poles. So you can reach a corner and see maybe 7 signs and have to figure them out.

I’ve spent the weekend at a spot on the southeastern part of Barbados. It’s mainly bush and little roads that wind around the coastline. While directions given by the car rental company mentioned turning by a shop, the corner had a name. At night, it’s hard to see tamarind trees or big rocks, but names on white board are visible.

Cmon Jamaica! Get yer finger out. You’ve a slew of idle hands and many with skills. Set up a project to let de people have road signs. Please! Imagine, tourists may be more encouraged to explore beyond the walls of the hotel enclave.