In Jamaica, our own single-handed example of management for dummies, keeps rolling out new chapters. What can you say about JUTC? Buy their own oil tanker for J$20 million and six months later, it’s still not available for use. Because? ‘While the necessary regulatory approvals are obtained and drivers recruited’. I guess, someone will say that the drivers could have been recruited beforehand, or is this the first such tanker ever brought into the island? The approvals? WHile, I see no place for nepotism, you’d think that the public bus company could arrange with its Minister of Transport to get these matters expedited. I’d throw my hands up, except they may fly off my wrists. I guess we should be grateful that the tanker has not been stolen by one of the staff or crashed on one of our highway, which are amongst the many JUTC tricks we often suffer.

Barbados never wins prizes for being enlightened in many things. Sorry, I have to go there. Now, one of its oldest and famous schools wants to have a tousle with girls’ hair. Harrison College wants to ‘outlaw’ twist-out hairdos, much favoured by women who want their hair to grow naturally. Why? Search me. I have an 11 year-old with this kind of hair, and she seems to be learning just fine. She also goes to a school that does not insist that her skirts cover her knees, and that’s not awful. She has not come home with grazes and cuts, and the boys seem just fine with all of that knee on show every day. I’ve heard some seasoned teachers talk about distractions. Please! ‘Oh, Miss! Look, I can’t study because of those clouds passing the window…’ I’d really like to give the region a chance of 10 years without the foolishness that passes for dress codes (including how your hair may or may not look, other than its being short and clean). I think I will leave them in the hands of one of Barbados’ more enlightened and enlightening politicians, Leader of the Opposition and Attorney, Mia Mottley.

Mia, save them!

Mia, save them!

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The hairstyles sap all the sense from your brains?

China seems to be heading headlong into a world of utter stupidity. Not long after they tried to outlaw puns–I kid you not–they are now trying to stay abreast of progressive thinking. It’s bad enough to be forced tho only have one child. Now, no more plunging necklines. Thanks to @BBCNewsAsiafor alerting us to this. I will think hard next time I plunge into a box of Lo-mein.

Turn away your eyes!

Turn away your eyes  

How to Luiz gracefully? What accolades could you possibly heap on Brazilian footballers, David Luiz and Thiago Silva, who helped the World Cup team sink without trace in the 2014 World Cup…in Rio? Sure, Silva was injured, but he’d shown little stellar form. Luiz cried after the 1-7 loss to eventual champions Germany. We all cried with him in Brazil. So, how were they named in the FIFPro World XI. Twitter did not react kindly. Vincent Kompany would have been well in his rights to shed a good few litres of Belgian tears. Well, it wasn’t Blatter’s fault, but the voting system used by FIFA is a silly farce. Well, that’s consistent. There’s a reason why Luiz and Silva have moved to greener pastures in Paris, and why PSG are languishing. Any guesses?

David Luiz? Let's all cry.

David Luiz? Let’s all cry.