Little mistakes in English can send some into apoplexy. I like to think I can take them in my stride. Sometimes, I do that but still feel that twinge that says “Correct this!” I had one of those when I read the tweet below.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 11.54.51 AMI don’t this that they meant they won’t change from the current red. But, for them, just a little lesson from the dictionary on the meaning of revert (

In Jamaica, people are always saying “Back back” or “Reverse back”. I know it’s redundant, but clearly many don’t. Anyway, I hope the change back to blue shirts brings Cardiff City lots of luck for the rest of the season.

The USA often gets no breaks. Defender of the Universe and trying to bring their idea of peace and democracy to mankind. The little issue of crazy gun ownership laws seems to pass them by. But, as is often said, the truth will out. Here’s one instance, from the Washington Post: @washingtonpost: The U.S. has more jails than colleges So, contrary to stated intentions, America is the land of the unfree.

What do you expect your local power company will do after it requests a 21 percent rate increase, but is granted a 2 percent reduction? A little passive-aggressive behaviour seems in order. So. Jamaica’s women’s netball team were headed to defeat at the hands of England, at the National Arena, when ‘Phut!’ A power cut in the middle of 4th quarter!

 Well, the game was called due to power outage. England took Game 2. FINAL SCORE JAMAICA 47 – 55 ENGLAND. The series is tied. FINAL MATCH will be Tuesday, January 13 AT 6:00PM. Be there to support the Sunshine Girls! They may need to wear fluorescent uniforms.

Of course, we had lots of “Really JPS? You cannot be serious.” Some wondered if we should be more embarrassed about the loss of the outage. Are people so insular? Yes. Did the USA fold up in shame when its Super Bowl had a lengthy power outage at the stadium last year? No, the stations ran more special ads and people doubled down on pizzas and chicken wings. C’mon, Jamaica! Get over yourself!

Whatever, the result, we won’t be shocked. 😳