Beware Jamaicans! They are spiritual people who will latch onto a Biblical connection at the drop of a hat.

I was heading to Mandeville this morning and made a stop to buy bananas for my father. The price was too dear, $350 for a dozen. We drove on a few yards and saw honey bananas, for $250 a dozen.

No choice. I grabbed two dozen, one for my home.

As we were due to leave, the vendor asked if we could drop his ‘angel’ at school, just a few miles up the road.

She’s a high schooler. I asked if she was the brightest and the best: “You could say that,” she replied. I wished her luck. She said her name was Abigail.
My friend asked if she knew the origin of the name. She hesitated and he filled her knowledge, in synopsis.

The full story of how Abigail helped David and ignored the insults of her ‘foolish’ husband, Nabal, is a good one.

By your name you shall be known.