My wife hates, with a capital H, cockroaches. “Dennis! Get rid of it!” Is something I’ve heard a few many times. Stamp on it, is often her own way to deal with the insect. I’m annoying. I don’t believe you should just go around killing things. We all have our lives and a role. I also prefer to let nature work its balance.

The Chikungunya virus focused many minds on the fact that our human habits create habitats for many things we don’t like. Bluntly, we are the problem. In typical human fashion, we look to blame someone else. Once again, our dirty habits are to blame. La Cucaracha came and danced while the mice were away…or at least, the Shitzu.

Imagine her horror when, coming home from Christmas holiday. The house was littered with dead cockroaches.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/85d/55521353/files/2015/01/img_0630.jpgThe agony and the ecstasy. Cockroaches…but dead ones. She didn’t faint. I was surprised. Christmas can get relaxing, so I just assumed she was in such laid back mode that “Sweep them up,” was now the worst reaction she could muster.

I’m not a great one for mysteries. I wondered if being empty and without animals or lizards able to roam around, the cockroaches had just got too fresh and held some wild orgies while we were away. Some, as is common, couldn’t handle the pace, and passed out. Friends normally haul you home after such events, but if they are really plastered they forget or are incapable, and just leave the body of buddies where they lay.

My first instinct, however, was to wonder if this were a sign. We live in a land where people believe in signs and spirits. Obeah! I may need to talk to an elder to know what cockroaches signify.

I’ve heard the term ‘white cockroach’ used as a pejorative term in several contexts. Other then that, cockroach is cockroach.

Like with our mosquito friends, we need to live cleaner lives. Maybe, it was a metaphor for what 2015 is supposed to be. Out with old, in with the new type of message. Gwan wid yu!