Three Years in Power, Sean Paul Calls It Off, and Good Work in West Kingston: Monday, December 29, 2014

Thanks for the mention and support for our really great athletes. Both Alia and Dustin read the post and thanked me for it. Let’s hope 2015 sees them getting more love from Jamaica.

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So, we fight our way back from the Christmas holiday and look forward to the New Year – with some trepidation, perhaps, and the usual fake optimism and determination to do better in 2015. I will resist the temptation to do one of those year-end reviews. Or lists of “The Best/Worst of 2014” that no one ever agrees with. Let’s just get on with things. January 1 will be just another day to be thankful for…

Celebration time… Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller. (Photo: Loop Jamaica) Celebration time… Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller. (Photo: Loop Jamaica)

The ruling People’s National Party is looking back with satisfaction on its achievements over the past three years and reminding us in a press release today of its “historic landslide victory” in the general elections of 2011. The PNP lists ten “important developments achieved on the people’s behalf” as follows (and I quote – my thoughts in italics): “The significant reduction in major crimes and…

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