A few snippets from the past two weeks of testimony and cross examination.

You’re an enemy of the people…You’re a political hack…Get out!
Can Mr. D’Aguilar be readmitted to the proceedings? No!

Dem is Christian…Dem deh pon dem knee a call Jesus…

Dem kill Dwayne!

The walls are still full of bullet holes…I never went to the doctor for the shot in my back…My daughter treated me…

Java? Where you call Java?
You think the people of Tivoli are suicidal? They would take on professional soldiers? Cmon, man!

You know ‘Jim Brown? Yes, I know him.
You know ‘Claudie’ Mossop? Yes, I know him.
You know ‘Jah T’? Yes, I know him.
They were leaders in Tivoli? They ruled Tivoli? What do you mean, ‘ruled’?
Seaga was the leader in Tivoli.

Bodies piled like pigs and cows on a truck.