Flying tonight

Those who travel often know that it’s hardly fun these days.

You get the shock with American airlines of often being locked in a capsule of the economy cabin for hours without the option of a meal. That’s the case with flights around up to 3 hours. You get offered free ‘beverages’, ie water, sodas, juice, tea or coffee. For alcohol, you pay. On longer flights, you may be offered ‘food for sale’.

Food for sale. Low calorie water is free

On a flight to California, due to last 6 hours or so, first class passengers get dinner. The rest get a pack of alfalfa seeds, a clay pot, soil and a bottle of water. They can either drink the water or use it to wet their seeds. By the time they land, their dinner will be sprouted and ready to eat.

We travel a lot. Once we knew the 411, we found a little sandwich bar and bought one of their wide selections of chicken Caesar salads.


Once we settled into our seats, we could imagine the old-time luxury of air travel.

Those were the days

I lie. We were still cramped and wondering whether this was really fun.

Author: Dennis G Jones (aka 'The Grasshopper')

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