Talk about economic policy in Jamaica is shifting towards measures to get growth and employment. This is already built into the IMF Programme Jamaica is following. However, I think that politicians, maybe with an eye toward elections, feel these elements need to feature more in public comments.

No doubt, this economy needs jobs and lots of them. Good educational qualifications have not done much to raise job opportunities for many of the country’s graduating school and college students. This was a week for graduation ceremonies at the University of the West Indies and the University of Technology. Plenty of good aspirations were thrown to the students to gnaw on.

But, for young people it’s a struggle, now and for some foreseeable time.

Many are idle or trying to work and make ends meet. Staying out of trouble and resisting the lure of illicit activities is increasingly difficult.

So, I could only wonder about how they stick to the good side, when I was in Mandeville, and saw the sole cinema closed. I read about it some weeks ago, but now I was staring at its carcass.


Odean Cineplex, Mandeville, closed and stripped.

If growth is going to happen, an entrepreneur may be there who comes up with an idea for using the space, productively. In the meantime, we have to hope and wonder for the youth.