If I could draw I’d have etched the cartoon Clovis did earlier this week.


It’s been the economic and political story of the week. But, its root is in the economic and political problems of Jamaica. As I wrote yesterday, it is bizarre that a party that says it’s championing the poor hits ordinary and vulnerable citizens so hard while they and the country are in dire financial circumstances. My gut feeling is that this is classic hakuna matata, going after the low-hanging fruit who are those who are captive consumers.

The government knows that most bus travelers have no realistic options. So, they will have to bear it, grinning or not.

Attitude counts a lot in governance. The arrogance of policy makers is quite apparent in the way senior citizens were treated. But, this is apparent also in the response of JUTC to losing the initial fare rise. We were informed by Rev. Roper that it won’t matter much to revenues, about J$100 million, and JUTC will still break even and won’t need extra funding. So, the old people were really being soaked.