Call us heathens, but don’t mention our citizenship, please.

Let me plead the Fifth, as Americans would say. My mind is in turmoil. Certain things always disturb me in a democracy. One of them is drawing into play religious views and beliefs into government activity. In a theocracy, I’d have no reason to be concerned as that bond is at the core of the state’s existence. But, in a parliamentary democracy?

The ongoing Damion Crawford saga has some way to go. But each day brings a new twist.

Whatever others may feel, I think it more than disrespectful for said minister to write:

‘All of a sudden everybody a atheist and agnostic and undecided and non believer unuh need fi rahtid stop it… that a nuh Jamaica.’

Our Constitution makes no mention of religious beliefs being a condition for being a Jamaican, nor is it a condition for entry to the country.

So, why bring this into view?

I don’t know the answer, but I look to those Jamaicans who have become un-Jamaican in one glib statement.

Should we care that these are the expressed personal views of a government minister? We should, to the extent that they were aired in a very public space, on social media. He then refuses to explain himself.

What did Alice say?

IMG_1330.PNGCuriouser and curiouser.