Sun rises, and cock crows.
Other birds chirp and start their daily songs.
If deep in the bush, low sounds of cattle.
Nearer to town or a highway, the sounds of the first movers.
“Pass and move, Donovan!”
The sound of leather kicked by foot, comes over a distant fence.
Noise travels, so the boys and men could be a way off.
A face appears at a window, smiling.
Pink pinafore underneath a neatly braided head.
“I forgot my key. You want coffee?”
I dive into the water and feel its surprising warmth.
Arms wind, head turns, feet kick.
Again, under the water.
The rays streak through the surface.
No sacrifice this, just a choice.
You can’t do it all, or the house will fall.
A man walks out to me, a club in hand.
I smile at Satan’s latest try to test me.