Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop. My Jamaica.

Wastage. Leakage. No harvesting. No rain. Desalination. Conservation. No maintenance. No investment. Complacent. Ignoring. Complaining. Hoping. Expecting. Seeding. Rain dancing. Chanting. Politicians prancing. Thirsty. Dusty. Piping rusty. Calcified. Eyes defied. Sense defied. Bush fires. Burning fears. Burning tears. Crops wilting. World not tilting. Mind defying. Babies crying. Patients dying. Forecasting. Foretelling. Armageddon. Desertification. Deserting the nation. Government wanting. Wanting government. Drought. Nothing in the spout. Hear the shout. Shut the mouth. Rain to the north. Rain to the south. Action lacking. Failure backing. Dereliction. It’s not fiction. Fact finding. Water rationing. Rationalising. Sponge dry. Mouth dry. Cross bearing. God fearing. Nature winning. Sun burning. Crops crisping.

No need for a sentence. No sense of repentance. We face condemnation. A nation condemned for decisions not taken by those elected to decide to decide to not do what we vote them to do and rip from us the paradise. Lost.

We find we are lost. Oxymoron? Just a moron? Can we pour on the agony just a little more? How to keep the poor poor. Shut the door. Turn off the light as you leave. Flight of fancy? Fancy flying to a place where the art of the possible meant someone would do something. JLP. PNP. I need to pee but am dry inside. Totally.

Paradise lost. At what cost? So little was needed but we stand defeated by inaction. For years and years and now our fears are realized.

Thirty days we have. A month. In the land of would, and should, we have almost no water.

Minister Pickersgill? Pick a skill? Telling the people what they already know.

Disaster. We are the master of that.