Stick a pin

I need to put up some mental place holders for topics, ahead of a long road trip.

I don’t write according to requests, but someone suggested that I write about Jamaican sports organization. I don’t kno enough about the whole set up to just dive in, so will do a little exploration first. However, in the meantime, I’ll just lay down the marker that I think we’ve devoted too much time and resources to sports like cricket, which do not have the same international appeal as sports such as football, but which have easily transferable skills to sports such as baseball, that offer wide educational and business opportunities.

My other little hobby horse is about the judicial system in Jamaica. I am no lawyer, though I went to law school for one day. I’ve been following the fallout from the Cuban light bulb no-case decision. I have noticed a certain rallying around the senior magistrate by the judicial hierarchy against the views expressed by the DPP. I’m thinking about expression in a democracy. We have the four estates: legislature, judiciary, executive, and press. Each should be able to express views freely about the rest. But, is that really the case? Does the judiciary, in this case, want to insulate itself from criticism by other branches of society? Is there a broader issue about the administration of justice and whether the branches see eye to eye, and if the population sees eye to eye with the judiciary?

Time to hit the road.


Author: Dennis G Jones (aka 'The Grasshopper')

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