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Child abuse haiku:

Lick ‘im! Fling di stone!
‘im nah move? Mi t’ink ‘im dead.
Is yu fling di stone.

Based on five primary school children ‘playing’ in a car park, yesterday. My daughter and I were running errands to get her supplies for a school project. We came across a group of children walking from school, romping in the car park. But, it was clear that two boys were having a little dispute. They chased each other, using the three girls as shields. Then one boy picked up a large stone, waited then flung it at the other. It missed. boys throwing stones

I’m not shy of using ‘teaching moments’. “What did you just do?” I asked the thrower. “‘im start it…” I interrupted with “What did YOU just do?” He said he had thrown the stone at the boy. I told him to go and pick it up. One of the girls started to laugh. I told her “YOU let him throw the stone. If he had hit the other boy and cut his head, then you should feel that you let him do that.” She shuffled.

I told them to put down the stone and go on home. If I saw them again acting that way I would walk them to the police station–it’s about a quarter-mile away.

The security guard standing by the pharmacy entrance looked on, seemingly unconcerned. I had no idea what was going through his mind.

We adults are great facilitator for children. I, helping my child get something done in school. I cannot speak for the other adults in the lives of those children. Without getting too moralist, we turn a blind eye to problems in their infancy, so to speak, then wonder where the big problems come from.