The objects of our desires

The Caribbean in general, and Jamaica is no exception, is a place of much muddled thinking. Currently, we are grappling with what seems to be a wave of sex offences, notably including children, especially girls.

Yet, this region loves to make women sex objects. In the short time since coming back to Jamaica, I’ve been struck by how commonplace that is. Have a product to promote or sell? Find some beautiful young women and dress them skimpily, then spread liberally around. Voila! Hit event.

I’m not going to lay blame on ‘dance hall’, but show me where women gyrating sexily is not a constant image. This is with or without a male prop.

Carnival-style fêtes are similar in terms of what passes for dancing.
The recent brouhaha in Jamaica over videos featuring teenagers, sometimes with adults, involved in sexual acts is just ‘more of the same’. That coming months after another viral video of school children in Maggotty showing that they know ‘the moves’ and ‘the grooves’.

What Jamaica experiences is similar in other islands. Yesterday’s Gleaner screamed about the number of sexual offences and the high proportion involving minors. Trinidad’s PM went on the warpath over her country’s tolerance of such things, proposing fines for non-reporting.

We are what we tolerate. Practice makes perfect. We reap what we sow.