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Clearly, one of the best ways to get people’s attention is to tempt them with content, or the promise of content.

France is apparently in political turmoil because its president might have had a relationship (presumably involving a bit of nooky) with a lady other than his girlfriend. François Hollande is about to get into sauce for his own sauciness. Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 12.00.05 PMIf you read some of the press, you would believe that his private life may derail his political career. His Hollande days may be turning sour.

Meanwhile, in the Caribbean–pick your island–politicians are spending time in the arms of lovers other than their wives/significant others (or husbands, for the few females who are elected officials), and the world is not missing a beat. Most people are about as exercised by that as are likely to walk barefooted on a wall of barbed wire and broken glass.

In the USA, UK or Europe, the media seem obsessed with sex ‘scandals’. They get all frothy and talk gibberish as soon as they get a whiff that some elected official has fallen foul of something that a huge number of electors have also done–have a bit of panky with someone else’s hanky. Why not get all a dither about the men–eating fried chicken or taking a few extra beers? Don’t give me all that nonsense about moral compass and what politicians stand for and fear of bringing institutions into disrepute. Politics is dirty business. Politicians are full of nasty traits. They lie, connive, cheat all the time. So, why go goggle-eyed when they get caught like flies on sticky paper?

Some have argued that sex scandals make us feel better about ourselves. That may be true. But, it’s interesting that a group of people who are usually free with their opinions–Caribbean folk–should miss a chance to just feel high and mighty and take all their angst out on unfaithful politicians. Instead, it tends to draw a yawn. Is it that the Caribbean voter is actually a lot smarter and not fooled into thinking that politicians are somehow superhuman, but full of all of the same frailties?

When ‘scandal’ hits the Caribbean, it gets that term attached because some foreigner is invovled and his/her national press feel that it’s a big matter. Caribbean locations feature in a lot such misdeeds, it appears.

Whatever it is, Caribbean citizens seem to be happy to know that the man got his bit of pleasure on the side and has now returned to getting contracts for his friends, having his home renovated using government funds, and to slugging a litre of rum. Our politicians are strangely human and we’re happy to live with them that way. Let’s save our outrage for the water not flowing and the lights that keep going off.