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I wondered what to do about an incident this past weekend. I had to go to Hope Zoo, where my wife and her colleagues had arranged a Christmas party for children. Hope Gardens is a huge place, and its main entrance is quite well-known. But, for several months, that entrance has not been available to the general public. When I went there on Saturday, a guard told me to “just go up the road”. Well, I could not see where to turn and ended up near another establishment off Old Hope Road. Another car was behind me and its driver was also lost. We asked another guard how to get to where we needed to be. He pointed the parked cars behind him, that we could see were behind a fence.Kingston-HopeZoo “You need fi go uppa di next bus stap and turn up den,” he told us. Off I went and found the entrance. It had no sign (or none that was visible). I said to the guard that something needed to be done about the signposts. “That’s not my job! You want me to get fired?” Let’s say that an interesting discussion ensued and I suggest to the guard that he need not fear being beaten to an inch of his life for making the suggestion. But, this fell on deaf ears.

I’ve been here before. I understand that the guard may believe that he has no job other than to see who goes past him into the zoo area. But, part of doing a good job is to see what is not working and causing people problems and finding ways to fix that.

So, I’m going to take the initiative (and quake in my bed every night wondering who will come to drag me out of my bed to put on the back of a dray and haul around a field). I’ve sent the nice people at the zoo a message asking them to deal with the sign posting. They are on Facebook and I liked their page, so will see what happens.

Service not servitude is still a concept with which we have some problems.