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The JLP leadership election was held, peacefully, after a brief and acrimonious contest. Mr. Holness won a sizeable victory over Mr. Shaw, but that is not the end of leadership contention, I contend. Mr. Holness shows he’s has no hole that Mr. Shaw need fill.


Mr. Holness tries to take control of his party by using the desire of his Shadow Cabinet to give him a ‘free hand’ in chosing his new team by all resigning to really show that he is in charge. He calls for all Senators to also resign, thus sparking a backlash from Mr. Shaw–who said he’d not be reappointed as finance spokesman unless Senators resigning was off the table and the matter of whether Mr. Tufton had been properly nominated to be a deputy leader. Mr. Holness shows that he is as tough as anyone.


Mr. Holness allegedly unearths an old letter of resignation by all Senators, supposedly to deal with any party split on the question of the Caribbean Court of Justice, to wheddle out JLP Senators. If any one had said “You dirty, stinking, rat!” it would have been no surprise. Mr. Holness begins to show that he is not pushover. Mr. Holness shows that he is not a simple smiling sweet boy. Not at all!Image