Jamaican politics never struck me as playful. I’ve never really followed political developments from within the country. But, if the past few months are any indication, a special breed of person thrives in the murky waters inhabited by Jamaican politicians.
Within the space of this week, I’ve seen enough to convince me that the moral compass of Jamaican politics has no true North.

Vindictiveness is also evident all too quickly, despite the sweet siren sounds claiming the contrary.

For the JLP, the way the week ended, with Andrew Holness getting the coveted scalp of Chris Tufton through the alleged use of a resignation letter ‘pre-signed’ in case of differences over another issue, was a true coup de grace. I suspect more blood will be shed before all is done in JLP-land.

Imagine: all of this when ‘love’ and ‘unity’ was on the agenda. Save us from the time when ‘anger’ is in play.