The good, the bad, and the ugly (October 13)


The speed with which TVJ sought to appease disgruntled Jamaican viewers, after buying rights to broadcast NBC’s The Voice, but then deciding to show the programme with a two-hour delay. Jamaicans took to social media to savage the local company for its decision. TVJ then set up live broadcasts on its RETV channel, though that had technical difficulties, initially. They may not be out of the woods, yet, as each showing may be fraught with some glitch. Good luck, TVJ!


Jamaica lost one of its great people and politicians with the death of Seymour Mullings, after a long illness. My heart goes out to my friend and his daughter, Rosie.Seymour Mullings

Jamaica’s national football team ended their 2014 World Cup qualifying campaign with a 0-2 defeat to the USA in Kansas. I know nothing about the internal workings of the Jamaican Football Federation, but many signs of a dysfunctional structure stare me in the face. Build a house on straw and it will fall down. Is it the coach or is it the approach of the organization that really matter? Just as a measure of how low things might have sunk was the fact that the rights to broadcast the match had not been purchased by any local companies. Care less  rather than careless?


The tragic death of Adrian Peterson’s young son, after an alleged assault.